Zulily: Pillow Pets for $11.99!

It’s a Pillow…. it’s a Pet…. It’s $11.99 instead of $20!

Zulily has a great selection of these Cuddly Pillows & Pets creatures – that are selling for only $11.99.  I’m particularly partial to the snowy owl above – I know a 6 year old that would go crazy over a snowy owl on Christmas Eve…..

Because Shipping is flat rate $5.95, it makes sense to go ahead and order a few pillows all at once (or anything else off the site) to get a better deal.  Or, go in with a friend and order your pillows together to save $$$.


  1. lori says

    How do you buy one of the snowy owl pets? Zulily doesn’t have them on their website so now I am totally confused!

    • Jamie says

      Lori – this was from quite a while back – it looks like this limited time boutique ended already – sorry!

  2. says

    I make my own version I call mine Zoo Baby Pillow Pets and they are bigger than you would find at the stores and I think so much cuter I sell them for @25.00 have sold many if they ask me can you make ?? I say yup if I dont have the pattern I will make my own,,,

    • Edric White says

      I’m needing a snowy owl wizard pillow pet for my girlfriend, could you send me some pictures of previous ones you’ve made?

  3. tara says

    I was able to get the full sized pillow pet at Walgreens for $14.99 a couple weeks ago. I had to ask if they had them because they were not out but they had them in the back. I know a lot of people hate Walgreens but my store is great and the managers always go out of their way to help

  4. Rebecca says

    No I don’t believe these are the real pillow pets. Looking at the logo it says “Cuddly Pillow & Pet”. We have several pillow pets, like the dolphin, and it doesn’t look the same as the one they have pictured. I’m pretty sure it’s another company.

    • Jamie says

      Rebecca, they’re knock-offs, but good ones! I got these last time they had this deal – and my kids love ‘em!

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