Ziploc Space Bags Set of 12 Bags ONLY $19.97! (60% OFF!)


Right now on Amazon – get a set of 12 Ziploc Space Saver Bags for only $19.97! (That’s 60% OFF!)


  • Triple your Storage
  • Vacuum Seal and Roll Up Bags
  • Organize and Triple Storage
  • Reusable
  • Air & Water Tight Protection




Or if you need more than that – get a set of of 15 Ziploc Space Saver Bags for only $27.27 - that’s 43% OFF! 
This would make the task of packing up the seasonal clothes so much easier and it would take up MUCH less space.  Can you imagine if all your puffy coats and sweaters were flattened in these bags????  They could ALL fit in one tote!  Or those huge down comforters squished into a pancake could slide right under your bed!

  • 15 Bag Space Saver Bags Set featuring NEW Turbo Valve, NEW Double Zipper and durable multi-layer construction
  • 4 Enormous Bags (1 Jumbo 35″x48″ and 3 Extra-Large 26.5″x39.5″)
  • 8 Big Bags (4 Large 21.5″x33.5″ and 4 Medium 18″x22.5″)
  • 2 Suitcase Travel Roll-Up Bag (18″x22.5″)
  • 1 Carry-on Roll-Up Bags (13.5″x19.5″)

Please note that Amazon’s prices fluctuate and can change at any time.  Be sure to verify current price before placing your order.  Find more great Amazon Deals in ourAmazon Category!  


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