Zebra or Leopard Duct Tape ONLY $3 Shipped! (Make a “Wild” Pumpkin!)

Make this pumpkin with Zebra or Leopard Print Duct Tape - no mess!

I saw this fun Zebra-print pumpkin on Pinterest last week – and I just got crazy thinking of ideas to do with duct tape and pumpkins!!  I’m planning a pumpkin-decorating night for the Youth Group at church – and I’m going to buy several different kinds of crazy duct-tape for the event so I don’t have to clean up a) pumpkin guts  b) or paint.  Amazon has this Zebra Duct Tape for just $3! (reg $5.99)

And – oh my gosh – check out this one… Mustache Duct Tape!!  I have an old pleather chair that I think needs a mustache makeover – how fun would that be?! (Granted, this one’s a little pricier)

*It’s part of the new Amazon Add-On Program, meaning it ships free as long as you already have $25 worth of other items in your cart. So… if you need other ideas, check out our Amazon Deals Category for recent posts about Amazon finds!

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