Zaycon Foods: Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $1.69/lb


Woohoo!!  Zaycon Foods is hosting another Boneless, Skinless Chicken event and the price is RIDICULOUSLY low this time around.  Don’t delay – get in your order while you can for some extremely cheap quality chicken!   Here’s how to get in on this awesome event, the chicken only comes around about twice a year, so don’t miss it if you’re wanting some!

  • Place your chicken order online for only $1.69/Lb, and pick up at a location near you.
  • Zaycon sells only 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.
  • That’s unheard of at this price! And heads up – the chicken won’t be available again until Fall

Interested? Keep reading to find out more:zaycon-chicken-breasts


Zaycon chicken breasts
are the BEST – very large breasts weighing about 1lb each – and they come from the farm’s processing plant straight to you!  There are no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients in Zaycon meat.  If you use chicken often in your healthy recipes, or do a lot of grilling over the summer, you’ll save some serious money by ordering during this event. . chicken-veggie-recipe Zaycon Foods has been featured in Good Morning America, MSN Money, Time Magazine, Fox News, Wall Street Journal and more.  This family company run out of Spokane Washington is dedicated to cutting out the middle man (stores) and bringing people fresh, natural meat straight from the farm. You do have to buy a 40 lb order at a time, so go in with a friend and stock your freezer.  The dates of this event vary by state -  login to check your city’s event dates and order deadlines.

Zaycon Foods FAQ

Q – What size packages can I buy?

A – We only sell our chicken breasts by the case. Each cardboard case weighs 40 lbs and includes four separate bags of chicken breasts, which are NOT always sealed and NOT uniform in weight.  The larger outer bag is sealed in the cardboard case.

Q – How many cases can I purchase?

A – There is no limit on the amount of cases you may purchase. We have had individual families purchase as many as 10 cases and groups of families purchase much more

Place your order now for 100% Natural Boneless, skinless chicken breast for only $1.99/lb.  Quantities are limited and often sell out a week before the deadline.

Ordered already?  Here are some tips for pickup:

  • Scout out the available pickup locations on the Zaycon site – there are several different cities included.
  • Come prepared with lots of Ziploc bags if you plan to split with a friend, as they come packaged in very large bags.
  • Bring a cooler to take them home if you are driving any distance to pick them up.

For those not in the Southeast region, get signed up HERE and you’ll get an email notification when the Zaycon event comes to your area.


  1. Paul says

    Great post Jamie! Do you have a full review of Zaycon chicken. I have heard they are good but don’t know anyone that has tried them.


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