*YAY!*- Collectible SwagBucks + Double SwagCodes!

Did you sign on to your browser this morning – only to get *2* Swagbucks instead of *1* from using your toolbar?  Then you already know the tiny thrill of the “Double Down” promo going on at Swagbucks right now!

Through next Tuesday, every time you take a Poll, Open your Toolbar, Complete a No obligation Offer, or check your Surveys Dashboard – you’ll earn DOUBLE the normal amount of Swagbucks!

Not only that – but starting TODAY -  MONDAY, you can win special “Collectible” Swagbucks – they’re all different than usual (I won a 12 Buck Collectible this morning just for searching my Gmail!)

So you might be thinking “Who cares about “Collectible” bucks?”

Well, win all *7* denominations and you’ll earn a 100 Swagbucks BONUS!!

That’s a real easy way to push you over the 450 mark (= $5 Amazon gift card) so get searching guys, and tell me if you win big!!

New to Swagbucks?  Read all about it HERE!

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