Yankee Candle: $10 off $25 Coupon & FREE Car Jar! (NEW LINK)

UPDATE: I found a new coupon that doesn’t expire until Sept. 4th!

I know Fall isn’t here yet (and it won’t be until September 23, I looked) – but I am so ready for it.  So so so ready….  One of the first things I do to get in the mood for any season is to bring home a Yankee Candle.  I’ve tried cheaper ones (you know how I like cheap) – but they just don’t cut it, either in nostalgic smell or intensity.

Print this $10 off $25 Yankee Candle Coupon!


FREE Car Jar Question: What is your favorite Yankee Candle Smell??

Let us know in the comment section – and I’ll randomly pick one of you to send (2) Yankee Car jars to this week!  Leave your comment by Wednesday – August 10th – 11pm.


  1. Angela says

    I’m new here, but my favorite scent is Autumn Harvest. So yummy! Reminds me of good ole Southern autumn nights… brush fire going and the smell of fall in the air! :)

  2. kati says

    ALL of the Holiday scents are my favorite! I can never make my; mind up when I’m picking out candles…they all smell so good!!!

  3. Angelique says

    In the candles my faves are Maple Pancakes (so warm and cozy!), Banana Nut Bread (yummy), and Pumpkin Pie (conjures memories of holidays past). In the car jars, I LOVE Fluffy Towels (so soothing), Leather is also good as is Vanilla Cupcake, and I really enjoy Witches Brew to get me in the Halloween and Fall spirit! :)

  4. Jessica Reed says

    I Love the newer scent called “soft banket”! It has a picture of a cute little bear snuggling with a white blanket on the label !! :)

  5. Amanda says

    Too many to choose just one! One of my favs is Tahitian Vanilla but I think it was a limited edition scent. I do like Midsummer Nights Dream as well.

  6. Anne Merriam says

    Brittney: you can buy Yankee Candles at Cracker Barrel and they take the coupons. I used some around last Christmas.

  7. Lacey says

    Spiced Pumpkin is my favorite! It reminds me of Thanksgiving with the whole family hanging out at Grandma’s house. Oh how I miss those good ole’ days!

    lhandch at gmail dot com


  8. April Sendelbach says

    Oh my I have lots of favorites, currently in my house I’m burning sparkling cinnamon. In my car I have coconut bay. They all smell great!

  9. Brittney Hammond says

    My favorite this year is the apple pumpkin!! Just can’t get enough and I don’t have a yankee candle near me. :(

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