WOW – Possible $30 to share your TV Schedule with Nielsen Ratings!


You’ve heard of the Nielsen Ratings?  They’re used to measure the popularity of TV & Radio shows based on the audience.  Well now you can be a part of that – and get paid!

Nielsen’s National Consumer Panel is accepting new members to their exclusive panel!  Those accepted will be rewarded for completing surveys, some folks have even earned $30 for sharing their family’s TV Schedule! Your zipcode will largely determine if you’re accepted, so go try to register NOW before spots are filled!*My family used to be part of this panel and we were sent this exact questionnaire!  Of course – I lost our survey and never finished it, so we didn’t get any $$  … DARN!

Another facet of the consumer panel is the Nielsen Home Scan Program – in which panel-members are sent a scanner to scan groceries you purchase.  This helps Nielsen gather info about product popularity – you’ll  earn giftcards for doing that!

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