*WOW* FREE Menu Planning Subscription for LIFE! (Reg. $60/yr)


We mentioned Food on the Table a couple weeks back and were excited to join up for the “free” plan wherein you can use their handy service to plan 3 Meals per week.  To upgrade to unlimited weekly mealplans – you had to pay $5/month.

Well – guess what??  We just got word that for a limited time you can hurry over to Food on the Table, and use code FEBFREE  to get it FREE FOR LIFE for new members!  (offer expires on 2/29)

This meal-planning service lets you plan out your weekly menus, based on sales from your local store flyers – and creates a shopping list for you to use.  (There’s even a mobile app, so you can just check it while you’re shopping and see what recipe it suggests for tonight!)  It’s so easy and helpful, I was VERY impressed – and I’m excited about trying out new meals!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign Up ((It should NOT ask you for cc info, but if it does, simply call the 1-800# at the top of the screen)
  2. Choose your favorite store to shop at
  3. Choose your favorite kinds of food
  4. Print out a grocery list with recipes!
  5. There’s even a mobile app – so you can just look up your recipes while shopping!

Let us know if you’ve been using it – and how you like it!  Remember that this is for new members only, so if you’d like to get in on the Lifetime Free Subscription, you’ll need to start a new account.


    • Jamie says

      Thank you Ashley! I’ll go check it out! I thought it was good through February? Were you signing up under a new account when you tried it? Thanks!

      • ashley says

        well, I clicked the link in the e-mail I received. Actually, I clicked every link possible and the same page showed up that said this offer has reached it’s capacity or is no longer available. Let me know if you get it! Thanks

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