*WOW* $1/1 Laura’s Lean Beef Coupon!

I rarely see coupons for beef or chicken – and when I do, I get them right away!!  Here’s a rare $1/1 coupon for Laura’s Lean Beef.  I know for a fact that Bi-Lo sells this, and I’m guessing many other stores do as well.  Just go HERE and sign up for the newsletter to print!

(I hear these are on sale at Target?)

(Thanks to our Deal Detective Kim for emailing me this picture of her Wish-bone $1/1 Meat coupon!)

While we’re on the subject – although meat & produce coupons are hard to find, they do exist!  They often come on tearpads around the produce section, or by salad dressing ($1 off Produce wyb Kraft Dressing), or steak sauces ($1 off meat wyb A-1 sauce), or even vanilla wafers ($1 off bananas wyb nilla wafers)!

If you just can’t get lucky on the tearpad treasure hunt – you can always go over to Ebay and type in “Produce Coupon” or “Beef Coupon” or “Chicken Coupon”.  Read the wording carefully, to make sure the coupon is worth the price (Does it say you have to buy two dressings or just one?) and to check that the expiration date is far away enough for you to find a good sale.

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