WOOT! My $2 Custom Stationary Set Arrived from InkGarden and it’s sooo pretty!

I’m thrilled!!  I got my InkGarden Stationary Set last week – and it’s just beautiful!  I know my mom is going to love it – it’s thick, high-quality cardstock – much better than I was expecting for $2…  (It’s Saturday, and St. Patrick’s Day to boot – so I’m going to let you read all about it HERE rather than rewriting my first post :) )

The 12-Card set comes with matching envelopes -  I’m giving it to mom for Mother’s Day this year.  I just customized a pre-made design on their site with with her favorite colors (periwinkle and berry colors) and monogrammed it with her initials in a pretty font.  It took me all of 10 minutes to pick a pattern and add my own touches – and only about 5 days to get here.

I’m going to put it in a pretty wooden box for her desk, and VOILA – Mother’s Day present is complete!

Read all about the special HERE, or just head right over to the InkGarden site and use code NOTESPECIAL at checkout to bring your set down to $2 + S&H (about $5.97 total)


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