Wishbone Pendant in Sterling Silver $17.99 (reg $64)

Although I rarely wear jewelry -  I love this necklace!!  Right now on Amazon , you can get this lovely Sterling Silver Wishbone Pendant for only $17.99 (reg $64.99)  My husband bought this for me last year and I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME.

It comes with a Sterling Silver Wishbone Pendant and 18″ Chain.  It is part of the Amazon Curated Collection, and it’s a HUGE trend right now!  I love this pendant – I’ve been seeing it on several starlets over the last year – including Jennifer Anniston, Kristen Bell, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton and more.  (See pics below)

But the real reason I love it is for the tradition and symbolism of the wishbone -

The wishbone symbolizes good luck, but it brings back good memories for me.  Every Thanksgiving my family would save the wishbone and let it dry out on the windowsill until the next day.  The morning after Thanksgiving, my brother and I would each pull at one end until it broke – whoever ended up with the biggest half got a wish come true.  When at my grandma’s house with 10-12 grandkids fighting over the wishbone, we’d always let it go to the youngest two.  It seems like a sweet tradition to me, and full of hope for the year to come.

This pendant is very highly rated and ships FREE with Super-Saver Shipping ($25 ordersand over).  Since you’ll need to add another $7.23 worth of items to your cart, so why not take a look at our post on SUPER-CHEAP Amazon Jewelry Finds, including a brass owl pendant and more!

What a great deal on a very giftable piece of jewelry for yourself, a daughter, a friend or anyone who deserves to have their wishes come true!

Please note that Amazon’s prices fluctuate and can change at any time. Be sure to verify current price before placing your order. Find more great Amazon Deals in our Amazon Category!

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