Win a $20 UGO Giftcard + $1.59 Peanut Butter!

It’s time for another $20 UGO Giftcard Giveaway!

United Grocery Outlet (or UGO) is a grocery that offers bargain prices on everything from yogurt, bread and produce to name brand cereals, snacks and frozen entrees.  Depending on your local UGO store, they may even have a meat department.  While they do not accept coupons – you can get some truly amazing deals there!

For instance, this week you can get peanut butter for $1.59, and Lunchables for $1.29 each!

I like to stop in at my local UGO in Cleveland, TN (located behind the Goodwill off South Lee Hwy) every week to check out the dairy deals in particular.  I often come away with Kraft cheese for $1.50 per bag or Yoplait yogurt for ridiculously cheap prices.  In fact – recently week I was able to get an entire case of 48 Yoplait Trix yogurts for $2.50!  I also consistently buy bread there for $.89 -$1.29 a loaf (including Nature’s Own brand and more).  It gives me the ability to head out the door WITHOUT my coupons once in awhile -  a nice little break!

To encourage you to try them out, our local UGO is offering a $20 Gift Card to one lucky Time2Save reader.


  • Just leave a comment in the form below letting us know if you’ve ever tried out UGO grocery – and if so, what kind of deals you find there!
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*By entering a comment, you give permission for your email address may be added to their weekly newsletter – this just lets you know what amazing bargains are happening each week!  Your email address will never be shared with any 3rd parties and you will receive only the UGO Newsletter for which you signed up.

Good Luck!

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  1. Janelle Hawley says

    I always find great deals, I go in often because they always have new things come in at great prices. Would love to win gift card

  2. kkristy m says

    I have shopped there. My favorite deals were kraft cereal bars for .50 a box,coffee creamer for 1.88 and a huge jug of downy for 2.00. 20.00 would buy a lot!

  3. Laurie says

    I shop at UGO in Athens and Sweetwater, TN. I love the deals on cheese and lunch meat. I have also gotten exceptionally good deals on frozen waffles, frozen sausage patties, and Smart Balance milk. You never know what might turn up!

  4. tabatha says

    I love shopping at ugo You never know what kinds of deals your gonna find.It changes all the time..Its like a treasure hunt!:)

  5. Kimberley Davis says

    I have bought a lot of things at UGO. One of my favorites is the Oreida bag and steam sweet potatoes for $1. With 5 girls to feed $20 will buy a lot of items at UGO

  6. marilyn scarbrough says

    I would love to win this gift card. I have shoped there before but not much. Found some good buys on meat. My friend i work with sure could use this card and if i won i would give it to her to help her out.

  7. Amy Bailey says

    I have never been in UGO but I wouldlove to giveit a try for my grocery shopping needs. I needto shop this weekend….running low on the goodies for the family(5 of us) :)

  8. Tonya Brown says

    I have not shopped at UGO but I used to take my mom’s neighbor there. She would get some really great deals. They have just remodeled the UGO close to me and I am wanting to go in there to look around but have not had a chance to yet.

  9. Elizabeth Blevins says

    I shop at the UGO occasionally, but there isn’t one near enough for me! I work in Dalton though, so if I win I’m sure I can make good use of the $20 gift card ;) lol

  10. charlene p says

    I love shopping at UGO. I go there first for the specials before I go anywhere else for groceries. Love the price on bacon, orange juice, peanut butter ( for sandwiches and candies its a must) bread and my list can go on and on with great deals each week. Would love to win the giftcard ! What a bargain that would be to use the card and save even more.. Love it !!! .Go ahead make my day !!

  11. Lindsey C says

    Honestly, I have never shopped at UGO! Would love to give it a try!! Glad to hear they have some really good deals.

  12. NeeNah says

    I shop at the UGO in Athens. I try to go by there once a week. Love the yogurt deals….gogurt for $ .50/box, cheese deas, minute maid oj, bacon for less than $2 per package. Love the deals.

  13. karla smith says

    I try and shop their once a week. I found a case of the Keebler Granola Fudge bars-chocolate chip for 1.89. A real good price. I also buy at least 4 things of bread since I make sandwiches for my boys lunch to take to school. Most of thier prices on the bread is $1.39 real good buy.

  14. Martinique says

    They have really good deals at times, found Weight Watchers Frozen Dinners one time for $1.25 each—which was GREAT 2 me!!!!

  15. Tosha says

    They recently remodeled the UGO on Hwy 58 in Chattanooga. I would love the chance to win this and use it there.

  16. LetMeHoldADollar says

    I love it when they have candy that just didn’t appeal to the masses. You can find some outrageous stuff that usually tastes pretty good, and you know you’ll never see again – all for pennies on the dollar.


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