Why Like Time2$ave Facebook Page? Extra Deals!!




In case you were wondering why you should “like” facebook page if you already read the blog, here’s why.  One post, even an easy Amazon deal takes about 30 minutes.  The same deal posted straight to Facebook takes less than 30seconds.  Right now there are so many deals that we see, there is no way that we could keep up with all of them on the blog.


Here’s all the way’s you can connect with us. Keep in mind, we can’t post every deal we find here like I mentioned above.  To receive a immediate notification every time there is a new post, you can follow us on twitter.  (it doesn’t have to notify you – that’s up to you)


Facebook: “Like” T2$ here.

Twitter: Follow T2$ on Twitter here.

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Subscribe to T2$ YouTube Channel here

Hop on over to Facebook to see all the deals I’ve posted tonight!

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