When You Need a Break from Couponing (Part 1) UGO Grocery Outlet has AWESOME deals!

Get ready for your jaw to drop – because this might come as a surprise to some of you – but I can’t coupon all the time. I just can’t.  Sometimes I need a break, for my own sanity, and I want to just run out and grab something for dinner or for the kid’s lunches without having to clip a coupon, print a list, or check my laptop for any new deals.  But that doesn’t mean I want to pay full price!!


When I give myself a break, I still shop frugally – and one of my best sources for non-coupon deals is the UGO Grocery Outlet in town. (They’re also known as “Bargain Barn”)  I’m lucky to live right down the street from one – and I stop in about once a week just to grab a couple items.  They carry discounted groceries from stores around the country – as well as cheap produce and milk and AWESOME deals on bread!  (We’re talking $.89 for Merita bread or buns, consistently.  Also – $1.39 for Arnold Health Bread!)

Their ads run from Sunday – Saturday, and you can check out the weekly ads HERE.

Check out a couple of this week’s deals (ending 2/25):

  • Philadelphia Cooking Creme – $.50
  • Dole Peach Fruit Crisp – $.69
  • Weight Watchers Smart Ones Artisan Creations Southwest Fiesta Chicken – $1
  • Pop Secret Popcorn 3-pack – $1

I will warn you ahead of time, that you will probably find expired products there as well.  You’ll have to decide if it still seems safe to you.  I often buy items that are just a couple days past their expiration date – because I know that they’re not spoiled yet.

Find out if you have a UGO near you by checking their site HERE.


  1. Lillie says

    I frequently take the ad to Walmart to price match n use coupons since UGO won’t take any. I got the Hillshire Farm chicken price matched for $1.79 n used the $1coupon making it .79 n Walmart sales for $3.38/pk. Also, when they had Heinz ketchup for .49, I price matched n used a $1/2 making them free. Cooking creme is free or cheap when there are coupons. This week I think u can price match the Dole crisps for .69 n use a .50 coupon from some insert (sorry don’t recall)making them .19. My favorite was 2 wks ago Goodnites price matched st $4.99 n used the $2 coupon.

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