When I’m Tired of Doing Laundry….Again….I Remind Myself of this….



A sweet friend of mine posted this on facebook last night. She knows something about laundry, with 6 babies age 9 and under. She claims, she’s not a poet. I beg to differ. For all the mommas out there who needed encouragement today, this is a great reminder.  After a really busy week, with more on my plate than enough time to tackle I needed this!

I just got permission to have my graphic designer create a downloadable pdf of this for you!!  Keep your eyes peeled, it’s going to be super cute!!  I may even have a canvas made for my laundry room.

Thanks Kristin, for being obedient and sharing your heart!!


  1. Jeannette says

    Not to mention the blessing of having an abundance of clothing for ourselves and our children—Thank you for this!

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