1. Meredith Crawford says

    May means many things. Mom – Mother’s day for me, a blessing that my mother is still around to celebrate with her. Birthdays- Mine, my husbands, my brothers, and a niece. A sense of accomplishment – May brings about the end of schedule and ability for my daughter to see that all her hard work all school year long as finally paid off when we get that final report card showing promotion to the next grade and we CELEBRATE!

  2. C J Wright says

    May means more to me than just another birthday. I am a cancer survivor and as the American Cancer Society had as a slogan a few years ago, Happy Birthday is a Victory song. I had my first cancerous tumor 47 years ago, and ovarian cancer over 16 years ago. Then breast cancer 12 years ago. Every May, I celebrate my birthday with a Victory Song.
    May not only means another aniversary of my birthday, it reminds me it is time to rejoycy because the plants that seemed to have died during the winter are coming alive again, and although I have had cancer, I am still alive and have another chance to start over and bloom again even in old age. Since May also has Mother’s Day, I can rejoice that although my mother died of breast cancer, she is now with her Lord and knows she was the world’s best mother.
    May is also a time to give thanks to our armed forces that has kept our land free. We know that freedom is not free and many have given their lives for us to have that freedom.

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