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If this is your first visit, we’d like to thank you for stopping by.    We are excited to have the opportunity to serve you and hope the information we provide guide you as you enter the world of couponing. 

Like most, the effects of our nations economy hit our family’s hard.  As a result, we attempted to save our family money by eliminating family vacations, taking our children out of extra curricular activities and buying only store brand foods.  However, the savings didn’t add up.   

Out of great skepticism we started couponing.  After hundreds of hours of research, months of practice, and many trials and errors our tenacity paid off.  We began to see our grocery bill dwindle each week as we learned how to use coupons effectively.  Ultimately, we cut our grocery bill from $150.00 – $200.00 a week down to $30.00.

Now, to keep this in perspective we don’t LOVE COUPONS.  We don’t wake up every morning excited to cut up coupons or jump on every deal that we can find.  Simply put – couponing just happened to be the tool that brought hope to our family’s finances.  Most importantly it has afforded us the incredible opportunity to give into the lives of others in ways we never imagined. 

You’ll see quickly that we want to offer our community much more than just grocery/drug store savings.  Only a small part of our life is spent at the grocery store,   .  We want to speak encouragement to each of you, bring you content that is relative to your life, introduce you to thousands of others in our community and have FUN all at the same time!

If you have thought about using coupons, or attempted without success, don’t quit now.   Learning an entire new mindset to shopping doesn’t happen overnight.  It will take time to understand the process, take one step at a time.   I (Kasey) remember the first time I saved $12.00 on my grocery bill, I floated out to the parking lot to my car.  We encourage you to celebrate those moments, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy how great it feels to save.  

From our own experience, it’s important to keep couponing in perspective in our lives.  We remind ourselves that couponing is a tool that helps our family’s finances not a tool that takes over our lives.  For us that means that we don’t chase every deal and we don’t go to every store.  Our goal is to shop one grocery store per week, and if time permits one quick drug store trip.

Below I have listed helpful tools to help you get started

Step By Step Power Point Tutorials:

Helpful Links:

  • How to use our site here.
  • Printable Grocery “Buy Price” List here
  • Learning the lingo short version here & detailed version here.
  • Links to Printable Coupon Sites here
  • Newest Printable Coupons here
  • Store Deals here
  • Problems Printing Coupons here
  • 2011 Newspaper Insert Schedule here
  • Rainchecks – Don’t Pass them up! here
  • Catalina’s – What are they & what do I do if they don’t print here.
  • Freezer help printable list here.
  • How to work a Cataina here.

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  1. precious says

    I do pretty good but there is one thing I have yet to get is how do they save that much when you need to buy meat that is where my biggest bill comes from

  2. kelli says

    I have been trying to coupon for several months now and I am still so frustrated. Most times, I can’t print the coupons b/c they do not appear to be on the link or it says I have reached my print limit. I still can not figure out for the life of me how you cut your bill to approx $30. It would be an absolute Godsend to have a one-on-one class of maybe 5people at a time to bring their coupons they already have and for you to make a plan for a shoppinf trip and then go to publix or bilo.I would be willing to pay for a class and probably sign up for several until I get the hang of this.

  3. Nora Matthews says

    I have not received your time2saveworkshops.com in three days. I hope you have not removed me from you mailing list. I rely heavenly and really miss you. Or maybe I’ve done something wrong?

  4. Katie says

    Congrats on “All Things Considered!” I’ll have to listen for you! I officially used coupons this week for the first time. My total savings was $70. It’s worth every minute of cutting! I also bought a pillow pet 1/2 price because I had a 50% off coupon. I was so proud of myself. it’s been a fun weekend of spending while saving. I tried to follow your “here” link in this post and had no luck. Link is broken!



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