Wendy’s Kids Meals ONLY $1.99 after 4pm + Shrek Coupon!


While out the other day I noticed this sign up at Wendy’s – get Wendy’s Kids Meals for just $1.99 after 4pm!  Wednesdays are crazy around here and I usually make that my “easy” night – so this will be nice to shake things up :)

That’s a pretty good deal if you need a meal on the go – and you’ll get a Shrek toy and a $1 off Shrek DVD coupon inside as well!

While you’re there – check to see if your Wendy’s location is selling the Wendy’s Frosty Coupon Books for $1 – totally worth it to have free frosties for the future!

Let us know if you spot any great restaurant specials going on – we’d love to post those too!


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