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If you just heard Time 2 $ave on Money Train with Chris Gaddis 91.3 FM  Roxbury, NJ or online www.wioxradio.org
If this is your first visit, we’d like to thank you for stopping by. We are excited to have the opportunity to serve you and hope the information we provide guide you as you enter the world of couponing.

Thank so much Chris for the opportunity to be a part of your show today Money Train on 91.3 Roxbury NJ.  For those of you who missed it, we’ll let you know as soon as we have a link to listen to the archived show.  Some of the topics we covered today are listed below along with links that will take you right to the post.

Some of the great resources that we talked about today are:

  1. Manilla
  2. Couponing Lingo for the truly nerdy
  3. Build Your Pantry - Buy Price List
  4. Troubleshooting Printer Problems  Here and HERE
  5. Rainchecks Don’t Pass them Up
  6. Don’t Miss this Post – Lots of great resources to get started!
  7. An archived playlist of our weekly morning TV segments on YouTube – we cover a new topic each week!

Detailed power point tutorials to walk step by step through the topics below HERE.

  • Getting Started
  • Don’t Pay Full Price – Get Rid of your List
  • Life Cycle of a Coupon
  • Getting Started Internet Printable Coupons

We’ve got tons of other great resources here to help you get started.  We understand that the world of couponing can be confusing at first and want to make the learning process as simple as possible while saving you time.

Thanks again Chris for inviting us to be a part of your show, Money Train.  We encourage you to follow Chris on his blog, facebook, twitter, and Linkedin.

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