Weeds be Gone: Three Methods for Weeding Vegetable Gardens


No one likes weeds. They are unsightly and can cause major damage to your vegetable garden. How? They act as tiny ropes that strangle the roots of your plants and soak up the water and nutrients your plants need. Tackling weeds in your vegetable garden is essential, or your garden simply won’t survive. However, the thought of getting on your knees and weeding each and every day can seem daunting. Instead, take a look at the three weeding methods below. Each is perfect for weeding vegetable gardens and is a different option then having to crawl around pulling them out.

Make your garden weed free. Take a look at these three methods to get started!

Three Methods for Weeding Vegetable Gardens:

1. Chemical intervention.

  • There are several chemical interventions you can use to kill weeds and prevent them from returning. For example, products such as Preen and Round Up are available at your local gardening center and home improvement stores. Some gardeners also swear by applying bleach and water to weeds to kill them.
  • Either way, chemical interventions can be a more costly option but a great way to kill weeds once and for all with a simple spray or sprinkling.
  • You will want to avoid this method if you have small pets and children as they can pose a poisoning hazard.
  • Prices range for these products, with most averaging around $15.00.

2. Smothering.

  • When you use this method, you are creating a physical barrier that prevents the weeds from growing.
  • Materials used for smothering can be as simple as newspapers or wood mulch.
  • Grass clipping mulch should not be used as it can actually contribute more weeds.
  • Simply lay down the newspaper covered by mulch to smother out weeds and prevent new breakthroughs.
  • This method is nice because it is pet/child friendly and FREE!

3. Heat things up.

  • Heat can kill weeds fairly well.
  • Apply heated compost or mulch to your soil to kill weeds and their seeds.
  • Heat the compost/mulch by heating it in an old crock pot for an hour or so on low.
  • Wearing gloves simply pour over your soil.
  • This method is a bit tedious, but it is free and chemical free!

So how will the weeds in your garden meet their demise this planting season? As you can see, here are three great methods that will make sure weeds don’t stand a chance!

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