Walmart Holiday Layaway 2012 (Get Ready for Black Friday!!)

Walmart has changed their holiday layaway policy from last year – and although we covered those changes in our Walmart Holiday Shopping Tips HERE, I’d like to go over them once more since we just posted the Walmart Black Friday Ad this week!

I think that the changes are great: I love that the hold fee will be refunded in full as a Walmart giftcard, I love that there’s no cancellation fee this year, and I love that layaway is available on more items.

Here are the basics of the Walmart Holiday Layaway policy for 2012:


  • Layaway is valid on more items this year – Small appliances, toys, jewelry, electronics, select sporting goods (like trampolines)
  • Put $10 down or 10% of the purchase price (whichever is greater) to hold the item, as well as a $5 Open Fee (last year that was $15!), which will be refunded to you via a Walmart Gift Card when you’ve finished paying for your item.
  • You have 90 days to pay off your purchase
  • Total of layaway items must be over $50, individual items must be $15 or more
  • Pickup and final payment must be made by Dec. 14, or the account will be cancelled. There is no cancellation fees (last year it was $10) All cancelled items are returned to shelves.



  1. Debbie says

    Be careful if you’re planning to layaway. I just got home from our local Walmart and there were some disappointed people I saw while making my way to checkout. There was a sign saying “No Layaway Thurs/Fri, will resume Sat”. So before you go and get into the crowd, I would call to make sure or do as I did and pay cash!

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