Pillow Pets just $9.88 Shipped!

Pillow Pets are super cute and cuddly – and they would make a great Christmas Even gift (we always give snuggly things on Christmas Eve, like PJ’s or a new stuffed animal).  Right now, Walmart has them on Rollback for only $9.88!

I love the Panda one the best (Scroll down to see why) – but there are several others on rollback as well:

Pillow Pet Pee Wee, Snuggly Puppy – $9.98

Pillow Pet Pee Wee, Magical Unicorn – $9.98

Pillow Pet Pee Wee, Buzzing Bumble Bee – $9.98

Pillow Pet Pee Wee, Lady Bug – $9.98


    • Velcro on belly transforms each animal into a comfy 11″ pillow
    • Made of high quality, ultra soft chenille
    • Measures 11″L x 9″

Why Pandas?

My 7 year old is OBSESSED with Pandas.  He asked for one for Christmas this year (a real one, mind you), and he is having a “Panda Party” instead of a birthday party next week, AND his dream is to be a panda when he grows up.  He even has a “Panda Club” – here’s the sign-up sheet on his bedroom wall :)

- Thanks, AddictedToSaving


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