Walmart Black Friday Ads, Doorbuster Events & Manager Specials Explained!



Are you ready for a Walmart Black Friday boot camp?  The big day is almost here – and to help you out we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the Walmart Black Friday Ads, Doorbuster Events, One-Hour Guarantee, and those mysterious Manager’s Specials! 

Plus you can check out the Walmart Black Friday Map and plan your attack with confidence :)

Okay, lets  navigate the maze of Walmart Black Friday ads in chronological order – starting with TODAY (Wednesday).

Nov. 22 – 27:  Walmart matches it’s Top *3* Comeptitors’ Black Friday Ads

  • Shop the Pre-Black Friday savings event in stores and online, where they’ve price-matched select Black Friday offers from Target, Toys R’ Us and Best Buy one week early.  See the Walmart Pre-Black Friday Blitz Ad for the complete list of the deals in this sale.
  • Sadly, most of the really good deals are sold out already – so moving on!



Nov. 28/29 – The Walmart Black Friday Ad Begins

  • Regular Black Friday events on 11/28 – 11/29 will come in 3 waves of doorbusters: 6 PM and 8 PM on Thursday and then 8 AM on Friday
  • See this year’s Walmart Black Friday Ad in a handy printable list format!
  • Walmart’s ONLINE Black Friday Sale will begin
  • 1 one-hour guarantee on Doorbuster items **Scroll down for full details on this!



Nov 29 – Mysterious “Manager’s Specials” Unveiled

  • Manager’s Specials: From 8 am – 2pm on Black Friday, Walmart will lower the prices on some of the most popular items as well as give managers the authority to lower prices on other great items.
    • LEGO & Barbie 30% OFF
    • ACER 11.6″ Touchscreen Laptop $248
    • Keurig Vue V500 $119 + BONUS $25 Giftcard!
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 $129
    • Magic Bullet $29
    • 30% OFF Christmas Trees & Lights


Walmart Black Friday Online:

  • Shop the Pre-Black Friday Ad online through Wednesday:
    See our Walmart Pre-Black Friday Blitz Ad with complete list of sale items.  Many of these have sold out – but don’t worry – tomorrow morning there will be tons more in the way of hot deals!
  • Black Friday starts Thursday Morning online and lasts through Friday:
    We’re not yet sure if there will be online doorbuster events or not – I guess we’ll find out soon.
  • Shipping is FREE on orders of $35 + (Regularly $45)


Walmart Black Friday Map:

  • Take the final step in Black Friday prep by getting to know the Walmart Black Friday map.   Doorbusters and other deals are going to be placed around the store in certain locations they wouldn’t normally be.  If you’re running in to snag an iPad Mini for $299 – you need to know which line to be in and where that line is!
  • Check out the Walmart Black Friday Map Here

One Hour In-Stock Guarantee on Doorbusters:

This sounds too good to be true – is the hype real?  Looks like!  Here’s the fine print:

*Guarantee Card distribution will end 1 hour after Black Friday event start time.

Limit 1 Guarantee Card per person, per item. Payment must be made upon checkout for the Guarantee Card.  Merchandise will be delivered to the store chosen during the online registration process.Customers will receive notice via email when the item has been shipped and is available for pick up. Valid email address required. Guarantee Cards must be registered at walmart. com/1hourguarantee by 11:59 PM CST, Sunday, December 1, 2013. If not registered during that time, the Guarantee Card will become a standard Walmart Gift Card, loaded with amount of Black Friday item purchase price.**Lines may form prior to start time. Wristbands granting the ability to obtain an item on the day of the event may be distributed prior to start time for select items. Wristbands not guaranteed for all customers.



  1. Art Redditt says

    Those so call coupons is some bull i set n line for hours to get a coupon that say register then when i enter code it still says invalid go back to store pay thirty five more cent. Then i call n ask one of your incompetent manger and doesnt know how to just order the tv to her store then they say 30i people been complaining about the same problem. The money was paid for tv u guys did not honor your contract. Im refering to walmart godfrey illinois next channel 2 news

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