Walgreens: Top 10 Deals (5/1-5/7)

Here are the best 10 deals from Walgreens starting on 5/1.  I am loving the FREE razors, GUM flossers, and Tylenol Precise.  This is just a Top 10 List for now, for the full list of sales, see WildforWags HERE

Walgreens Shopping Tips:

  • Reminder: NEVER use a Register Reward from one item on the same item again, or it will not print out the Register Reward that it was supposed to!  Read more HERE.
  • Pick up the monthly Walgreens coupon pamphlet for store coupons.  These can be stacked with MFR. coupons for extra savings!
  • Check your pharmacy area for more coupons from the Diabetes & You Magazine, any pamphlets put out by companies, tearpads and more.  Ask at the cosmetics counter for coupons – they often have them behind the counter.
  • You can not have more coupons that items in your transaction so you might need to grab a cheap “filler” to make sure that the register accepts all of your coupons.

This List Has Expired
Top Ten Deals


  1. Erin says

    G-U-M Eez-Thru Flossers has coupons. Woman’s Day magazine has .75 off coupons, so I got mine not only for free, but for money back! Thanks for all your great work posting these sales.

  2. Kim says

    I guess I an spoiled because I don’t like only having some of the Wags match ups listed here. The other site was confusing and doesn’t show me the break down and prices. Please go back to listinig all the match ups here! Thanks :)

    • Jamie says

      Kim – we certainly will do that, we just had a time-crunch this week due to power outages/no-internet from the tornado damage. We’ll be updating these lists shortly with fuller matchups :)

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