Walgreens Shopping Scenario for 6/29 (Starbucks, Crystal Light, Glade, Toothbrushes)


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Walgreens Shopping Scenario for 6/29 | Starbucks, Crystal Light, Glade, Toothbrushes!

I am pretty excited about the free goodies this week at Walgreens starting 6/29 – so excited that I just finished working out my shopping scenario and I wanted to share it with you guys!  This scenario uses only printable coupons – so anyone with a printer can do it.  In the end, you’ll pay $2.88 for over $17 in items :)

*Scroll down to the bottom for a few tips if you’re new to the Walgreens game.

Here are the RR deals I’m using from this week’s ad:


Transaction #1

Buy Starbucks Iced Coffee $1
Use  $1/1 Iced Coffee Coupon
Pay $0 ~ Get back $1 Register Reward

Transaction #2

Buy Crystal Light $2
Buy Smile Paper Towels 2/$1
Use $1/1 Crystal Light Coupon HERE
Use $1 Starbucks Register Reward from the 1st transaction
Pay $1 ~ Get back $2

Transaction #3

Buy GUM Toothbrush 2pk $2.50
Use $2 Crystal Light Register Reward from 2nd Transaction
Pay $0.50 ~ Get back $2.50

Transaction #4

Buy Starbucks Iced Coffee $1
Buy Crystal Light $2
Use  $1/1 Iced Coffee Coupon
Use  $1/1 Crystal Light Coupon HERE
Pay $1 ~ Get back $1 RR and a $2 RR

Transaction #5

Buy (3) Glade Candles @ 2/$5.50
Buy Hydrogen Peroxide 33¢ with in-ad coupon
Use Buy 2 Get 1 Glade Candle Coupon
Use $1 Starbucks Register Reward
Use $2 Crystal Light Register Reward
Use $2.50 GUM Register Reward
Pay 33¢ ~ Get back  $1.50 Glade Register Reward


 Total Out of Pocket $2.88 (Worth over $17) with $1.50 Register Reward leftover for next week! (or for something else this week)


  • At Walgreens, you can’t use the Regiseter Reward from Brand X to pay for another Brand X item (i.e. $1 RR from Starbucks to buy another Starbucks). If you do, it will prevent the next Register Reward from printing. (It will “suppress” it)  That’s why we switch off using different register rewards for different items we buy.
  • Also – you cannot use more than *1* manufacturer coupon per item – and Walgreens Register Rewards count as a manufacturer coupon.  We add inexpensive “filler items” to our purchase so we’re able to use both a regular coupon and a Register Reward.
  • Lastly, when doing multiple transactions, it’s best to check out in cosmetics where there’s less chance of an angry mob forming behind you.  If you notice a line forming – finish the transaction you’re on and head to the back of the line to finish the rest of them.  (That’s what I do anyway – it’s up to you in the end.)

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