Walgreens: Free Collage Ends Today! Plus join my challenge! Read Below**




I decided today that I have got to take a few minutes and take advantage of these great photo freebies.  More often than not, I’ll tell myself I’ll do that later then later becomes, well……never.  After staying up until 3am the night before Father’s Day creating a photobook online for my hubby at WalMart I vowed to NEVER wait to the last minute again.  Not only did I pay way too much for a low quality photo album, I also stressed myself out waiting until the last minute because my computer kept timing out.

So, today is my day to catch up on this weeks photo freebies.  I’ve already made the collage above as a surprise for my mom.  Last weekend when we were in town, she took us to this fantastic fall fun place called “Corndawgs.”  They had everything you could possibly imagine plus the traditional Corn Maze.  We had a blast!  I knew she would enjoy a collage of pictures from our special day.


Then, I made a collage of our new family pictures from the Mercier Apple Orchard in North Georgia.   As always Cortney Wheeler Photography did a fantastic job.  These are just a few from our sneak peek there are tons more and this was a super fast photo shoot because it was getting dark so quickly.

I can’t wait to call my mom and tell her to drop by Walgreen’s on her way to church in the morning for her surprise.  I’m sure she’ll take it into church with her so she can show off the pictures to her Sunday School class.  Since she lives three hours away, and I knew she wouldn’t do it herself I went ahead and made her a photo account online at Walgreen’s and uploaded the photos and made her collage for her.   Both collages were totally free.  Best of all – my mom will be so surprised!

Okay – off to grab some dinner and get my kiddos a bath and in bed.  Then, I’m going right back to work to finish ordering the photo freebies.  I’m really excited about the Ink Garden.  I think I am going to order my daughter a personalized notebook.  It will be a great stocking stuffer and it’s free.

If you want to join my “get off my tail it’s time to tackle the photo freebies challenge”, please share!!  We’d love to see what you have made.  Here’s a link to my next project later tonight in case you want to get a head start.


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