Walgreens: Collage Poster just $2.99!!

Walgreens is having 7 Days of Photo Deals this week, and we’re on Day 3 right now – with a great deal on a really fun item:  Get an 11×14 Collage Poster, including up to 20 pictures, with FREE in-store pickup…. for just $2.99!  These are regularly priced at $11.99, so that’s an awesome discount!

As a child, I knew a family that had 11 kids.  They used to make a big posterboard covered in pictures of the birthday person and decorated with glitter and ribbon, etc…  They hung it on the wall for the whole week of their birthday.  It was one way they helped make birthdays special on the cheap.   I love that idea – and I think this might be a less-messy way to try that out!

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