Walgreens Backpacks only $2.99 (Starts 7/20!)

Walgreens Backpacks $2.99

Get a great deal on Walgreens Backpacks for just $2.99 starting on 7/20!

Begining Sunday, Adventure Trails Backpacks or Drawstring Bags 2-Pk will be just $2.99 at Walgreens.  This is such a good deal – and would also make a GREAT donation item.  Many schools hand out backpacks filled with supplies for those who can’t afford it.  Check with yours to see!

*I would suggest getting there at the crack of dawn if you want this deal – I have no doubt they’ll go fast.  In fact, this week I went to try and get a BOGO backpack and my store said they’d only gotten *4* backpacks to far.  Four guys.  Four.

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