Walgreens Ad & Coupon Deals 9/23-9/29

Here are the best Walgreens deals this week.  You can get FREE Enfagrow formula, FREE Scope,  FREE Night Time Sleep Aid, Zzzquil Sleep Aid, cheap Biore, and lots more.


Walgreens Shopping Tips:

  • Reminder: NEVER use a Register Reward from one item on the same item again, or it will not print out the Register Reward that it was supposed to!  Read more HERE.
  • Pick up the monthly Walgreens coupon pamphlet for store coupons.  These can be stacked with MFR. coupons for extra savings!
  • Check your pharmacy area for more coupons from the Diabetes & You Magazine, any pamphlets put out by companies, tearpads and more.  Ask at the cosmetics counter for coupons – they often have them behind the counter.
  • You can not have more coupons that items in your transaction so you might need to grab a cheap “filler” to make sure that the register accepts all of your coupons.

This List Has Expired
Register Reward Deals
Balance Reward Deals
Other Good Deals
Good Filler Ideas


  1. LetMeHoldADollar says

    …nevermind. For some reason, the email ‘sneak peak’ of this week’s balance rewards deals linked to LAST week’s sales. Spent twenty minutes looking for those Hershey’s drops. =(

  2. LetMeHoldADollar says

    Another scenario that might work out well for the Coke/Hershey’s 5,000 point reward is:

    Buy 4 Bags of Hershey’s/Reese’s stand-up bag = $12
    Buy 4 2-liters of Coke or Dr. Pepper = $5

    Use 2 $3/2 Hershey’s coupons from the Sept. coupon booklet
    That makes it $10 out of pocket, and then you get the 5k points, which brings it down to a total of $5 for 4 bags of candy, and 4 2-liters. You might NEED that Accu-Chek glucose monitor, after all of that.

  3. LetMeHoldADollar says

    There’s also a few deals that I didn’t see mentioned.

    Hershey’s Candy (or Reese’s) stand-up bags: $2/6 , but there is a $3/2 for them in the September coupon booklet, if I remember correctly. So that makes them $2/3…but wait, there’s more. When you buy $15 worth, you get 5,000 in balance rewards, which is basically $5 back. So, if you buy 6 bags, your sub-total will be $18. Use three $3/2 coupons from the book, which brings it down to $9 OOP. Then you get $5 in balance rewards, which makes it $4 OOP, 6/$4 or an amazingly low $.67/bag!

    This same deal is also running on the cokes, by the way. You can get 12 2-liters of Coke products or Dr. Pepper, get 5k in balance rewards ($5), and essentially pay $10 for 12 2-liters, or $.83/each.

    They also have the glade expressions starter kits back on sale at $2.99/each, plus $1 up reward, making them free with the $2/1 coupons.

    Also, the Walgreens website is showing the Alli weight loss starter packs going for $45 (Although, that may be AFTER the $10 off mentioned in the ad. If so, that would make it $20/each after discounts/coupons. Still a good deal)

    The weekly ad advertises $10 off with the balance card, making it $35. There is a $15/1 in the Sept. coupon booklet, making it $20, and a $10/1 printable in your coupon database, making it $10 – if you’re able to use fillers and stack all of those savings (You should be able to. One card discount, one store, one manufacturer; no overlap.)

    Last, but not least, if you still have the $10/1 Accu-Chek Nano from the 7/29 Red Plum, they’re going for $15, with 3k ($3 worth) of balance reward points, when you buy one. That makes them a measly $2/each, with coupons and balance rewards.


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