Vocalpoint – Accepting new Members!!



If you are already a member of Vocal Point, you have been enjoying their super samples and high value coupons delivered right to your mailbox.  We just found out that Vocalpoint is accepting new members.   Complete a super easy registration HERE and start receiving exclusive Proctor and Gamble coupons, samples, newsletters and discounts right to your mailbox.

What are you waiting for?   Jump on this one fast so you don’t miss out!

If not, you’ll be so sad maybe even a little grumpy when everyone starts getting their packages.

 Recent Samples we’ve received from Vocalpoint: 

  • Coupon for FREE International Delight Coffee Creamer & a FREE sample of Kellogg’s Cereal.
  • Free Lowe’s coupon booklet with $46 worth of cleaning products in savings!!! 
  • FREE Sample of Kashi Cereal
  • FREE Sample of Kashi TLC
  • FREE sample of Downy Ultra-Fresh
  • Full-Size Pantene Pro-V Fusion

Personally, I(Kasey)  have always been impressed with the mailers from Vocal Point, beyond the free sample I’ve always received several high value coupons.  I’ve listed several examples above to give you an idea of what to expect.  

This one you will definitely likey likey!!


  1. Paige Covington says

    Tried but it was too late…they said they had no openings for a famiil of my size and my age o well I will keep trying back.

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