VistaPrint: 6 FREE Items for Teacher Gifts!

The school year’s coming to a close – and it’s almost time to say goodbye and “Thank You” to your children’s teachers for the summer!  Vistaprint is offering 6 FREE Stationary/Desktop items that you can totally personalize with a teacher’s name – what a great way to get all the gifts you need!

Here’s the scoop:

Use this link to get any or ALL of the 6 items below totally FREE – just pay shipping costs.  If you order all of them – your combined shipping will only be around $10.  Order 3 or 4, and you’re looking at closer to $4-$5 Shipping. Scroll to the bottom for how to make your shipping combine:

1) Rubber Stamp:  This could be cute – have it say “Mrs. Annie’s Seal of Approval!” or something that they could use to stamp good work.
Personalized Sticky Notes: Cute way for them to send home parent notes – like “A Note from Mrs. Annie!”
100 Business Cards: Make them into bookplates that your teacher can paste into all the classroom story books “Mrs. Annie’s Class Library”
Tote Bags:  Great for carrying all their class supplies!

5) T-Shirt - Think along the lines of …. “Greatest Kindergarten Teacher EVER!  or have it read “Mrs. Annie’s Class” and get all the kids painted hands to totally cover the rest of the shirt
Photo Flip Book – Great for a few memorable class photos, field day, the Christmas Play, the Valentine Party, etc…

Combine Shipping by following these steps below:

The trick is to add item #1 to your cart, come back here, click the link for Item #2 and add it to your cart – then come back here and click through for item #3…   Follow the directions below to make sure you get the combined shipping deal:

  1. CLICK HERE and create your 1st free product.  Add it to your cart (skip all other offers or upgrades) & CLOSE the window.
  2. CLICK HERE and create your 2nd free product. Add it to your cart & CLOSE the window.
  3. CLICK HERE and create your third free product.  Add it to your cart & CLOSE the window.
  4. Continue this procedure until you have everything you need.  You must close the window and reenter through this link each time or else your shipping will not combine.

While most of the “free” designs are limited to the more basic “clip-art” types of images – a little creativity can make them into nice gifts easily! You may want to upgrade your shipping for peace of mind that they’ll get here before the end of the school year! 

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