Vistaprint: $2 Custom Tees!

I made this one: “Extreme Couponer in ACTION (Expect Long Delays)”  :)

Starting TODAY at Vistaprint, you can get a Custom Tee for just $2 – and choose from THOUSANDS of designs!  Choose from:

There are so many designs to choose from – consider using the grill design and make a late Father’s Day Gift, writing something like:  “Grillin’ Like a Villain” or “King of the Grill” on it!

Other fun ideas:

  • Make your child a special Birthday Tee – to wear at their party!
  • Make “Best Friends Forever” t-shirts for your daughter and her summertime BFF
  • Funny Bridesmaid Tees
  • Grandparents Day Gift Shirts (Just add paint handprints when it arrives at your house)

GO HERE to get in on this deal before it ends!

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