Vegetable Garden Tips You Will Want to Try This Weekend!

If you have a few minutes to spare this weekend, you have enough time to try any of these five tips that will help you improve and maintain your vegetable garden! You don’t need an entire weekend to get your vegetable garden looking better, you just need a few minutes to try these simple yet effective tasks. Below, you will find five vegetable garden tips that you will want to try this weekend should five spare minutes present themselves!

Take a look and see what a difference five minutes and these tips can make to your garden!

Five Vegetable Garden Tips You Will Want to Try This Weekend:

1. Dead head your plants.
Remove any dead leaves or blooms from your plants. All they will to do is suck vital nutrients the rest of the plant needs. Use your fingers and simply pick off any dead leaves and dead blooms and discard. Now, your plants can refocus their energy to the strong parts.

2. Apply crushed egg shells to your soil.
Egg shells add calcium to your soil which your plants will adore. Save your egg shells for a week, crush them, then stir them into your soil. You can even pour the water you boiled your eggs in directly into the soil for added nutrients.

3. Remove any rotting produce.
If a tomato falls from the plant and starts to rot, snatch it up and throw it in your compost pile. You can also remove the seeds to use for future plantings. This works with any of your produce that begins to rot before you had the chance to harvest it.

4. Reinforce your fencing.
Over time, critters can find ways into the garden to work their destruction. Take a few minutes to patch any holes or week spots in the fencing to make sure your garden stays safe and guarded. Fill in any holes where critters have dug under the fencing as well.

5. Add pest repelling plants.
It only takes a few minutes and a few dollars to add plants that repel pests to your garden. Add some lemon balm, geranium, and marigolds to the borders of your garden. They will not only add color but repel pests that would love to dine in your garden.

See how easy it is to care for your vegetable garden in just a few minutes? If you have five minutes this weekend, choose one of these tasks and see what a difference it can make to your vegetable garden!

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