Valvoline Coupon: FREE Eagle One Product with Valvoline Oil Purchase!!


Here’s a great new Valvoline Coupon – get a totally FREE Eagle One Product when you buy a 5-Quart Jug of Valvoline Oil!

This is an awesome freebie if you were planning to pick up some oil – and to save even more, print this coupon for $4 off Valvoline Max Life High-Mileage Oil. 

Recently I ran in for an oil change and the mechanic suggested that my minivan definitely needs to start using the high-mileage oil.  He said that he and the other guys in the shop pay extra for it too, because it truly makes a difference on your engine’s wear and tear.

I think I’ll be picking up this oil (and my freebie!) so I’ll be ready when I need it again!

*NOTE: The coupons says “Redeem at Walmart” – but is a manufacturer coupon and should be fine to use at other stores.

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