Valentine’s Phrases: 5 Clever Sayings for Classroom Gifts


Okay, I’ve been on Pinterest a LOT lately, and I just can’t stop thinking up more Valentine’s Phrases for possible classroom favors! I’m pumped about moving beyond the boxed kids’ cards this year, and it’s going to be easy with all of the ideas floating around out there.  Here are 5 of my favorite Valentine Ideas along with lots of Valentine’s Phrases to match!

Source: via Chasey on Pinterest


1. Goldfish Valentines

  • Will You O-Fish-Ally be my Valentine?
  • I’m glad we’re in the same school!
  • You’re a catch Valentine!
  • I’m hooked on you!




 2. Shovel Valentines

  • I “Dig” You!

If you didn’t get any plastic shovels on clearance after the summer – you can pick them up at craft stores or on Amazon – here’s a set of 24 Plastic Shovels on Amazon for $13.08 + Shipping.



3. Car Valentines

  • I “Wheelie” Like You
  • I like the way you “Roll”!


 4. Pen/Pencil Valentines

  • I think you are just “write”
  • You’re just “Write” for me


5. Crazy Straws

  • Valentine I’m Crazy About You!
  • Whoooo’s Crazy About You?
  • From One Crazy Kid to Another!

But if these 5 Valentine’s Ideas aren’t your cup of tea – make sure you check out our previous posts on how to make:


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