Free Printable Date Night Conversation Starters

FREE Printable Date Night Conversation Starters

Jamie here!  We posted this previously as part of our frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas for a night in, but I wanted to repost for those of you who haven’t seen it before.  Now that my kids are back in school, I’m trying to focus on my marriage a little more, and I’ve been thinking that this long weekend might be a perfect time to use this idea again :)

One Valentine’s Day years ago – my husband and I were once again planning an evening in with our four kids because we were a) too broke for both a babysitter and dinner and b) didn’t know any babysitters anyway…

A couple days ahead of time, I decided to think up enough questions to create a little Valentine’s game to play with him.  (Remember how fun it was doing those silly Cosmo quizes with your teenage boyfriend?)  I came up with several questions, dares and activities and wrote them down on slips of paper.  I folded each one up and put them in a heart bowl and waited for Valentine’s Day.


Once we’d put the kids to bed that night, I brought out my game.   We took turns drawing out a question, reading it and answering or acting on it.  We had such a fun time – the game lasted for hours because many of the questions started us reminiscing about our childhood or our “early times” together.

I think the best part of this game is getting playful with your spouse again.  Remembering things you’d forgotten about each other – or discovering new things that make you smile.  For instance – that your husband has no skill whatsoever when it comes to modeling your face out of play-doh :)

Now that we’ve tried this as a date-night option, it’s become a go-to evening starter for us when we need to reconnect.  But now, he does half the questions so I get to be surprised too. :)  I’ll text him a day or two ahead and say “Hey hon, I need 10 questions from you by Friday night – let’s hang out and do our date game!”

Here’s a free printable sheet of 30 Conversation Starters for Couples!  I’ve written down 30 of the questions and activities we’ve used over the years that I think you’ll enjoy.  Print it out and cut along the lines for your very own date night game!  (There are 3 versions of this printable, take your pick!)



Date Night Conversation Starters Boxes (Full Color)



Date Night Conversation Starters Boxes (Version 2)



Date Night Conversation Starters (Ink-Saver Version)


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