Valentine’s Day Ideas: Custom Photo Book only $2.99 Shipped! (+ 40 FREE Prints)

When you’re on a budget, you need all the frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas you can get – here’s one that is under $3! (See our Valentine’s Day Ideas Category!)

Through January 31st, create a Softcover Custom Photo Book at York Photo for just $1 when you use the code 146 at checkout!

You can use your custom photo book to create a special book for your Valentine – here are some theme ideas to get you thinking:

  • Our Story: Include firsts in your relationship, or tell the story over time. (How we Met, First Kiss, First Date, First Christmas)
  • Building Our Lives Together:  Show milestones in your relationship, marriage, your first house, birth of your child, etc…
  • Why I Love You – Let Me Count the Ways: Include pictures of you both and list 10 reasons you love your spouse

Also, if you’re a new York photo member you’ll get 40 free prints just for trying them out. You’ll just have to pay $1.99 for shipping, which is a great way to get a super cute custom photo book for under $3, shipped to your door!

This would be such a great Valentine’s Gift for someone you love! Head on over to York Photo to see all the styles available.

York Photo

- Thanks, PassionatePennyPincher!

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