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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: The Love List Challenge (1 A Day)



It’s hard to think of good Valentine’s Day gifts for men.  I mean, you can’t fall back on flowers, chocolates and jewelry with them.  But the Love List Challenge could turn out to be the perfect gift – and all you’ll need is a pen, paper and 10 minutes a day.

I got up this morning – grumpy and out of sorts.  It was cold and sleeting outside and my oldest son had just missed his school bus.

As I was pulling my coat off the hook to take him to school, groaning inwardly, my husband came down the stairs and offered to take him instead.  I was so relieved!  This girl doesn’t do ‘cold & wet’ very well before coffee… While they were gone, I started getting the other 3 boys ready for school – signing papers, making lunches, and searching for shoes.  When my husband got back 30 minutes later, we were all still running behind.  I was flustered and starting to fall apart just a little bit (Just put your shoes where they go buddy, so mommy won’t have to crawl around the house looking under furniture!).  But in the space of 10 minutes, he managed to melt away my craziness, and had me laughing and relaxed.

I honestly don’t know how he does it!  He just walks in, pours a bowl of cereal and starts very seriously discussing my Kindergartener’s drawing entitled “Move Feutr” (Movie Theater)  He grins at me across the kitchen and his eyes crinkle warmly.  A knowing smile just for me.  A best-friend smile.


This is something I love about my husband – how he can save me from my grumpy self every time with his silly dad antics.  How he can walk into a rushed morning where all I’m thinking of is we’re still missing a shoe, and he just freezes time for a moment to enjoy a secret joke.  It’s just one thing I love – because really, there are so many.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m challenging myself to make a Love List – and I’m starting with this thing today.   I’m going to set aside 10 minutes a day to write down one thing that I love about my husband.   One thing that he does or that he is – and I’m going to be sincere about that one thing.  Even on those days when we don’t get along or when I’m mad that he spent a ridiculous amount of time playing the Play Station – I know I can think of one thing and be really sincere about it. (That’s doable, right?!)

By the time February 14th arrives (28 days away!) – I’m hoping I’ll have a list that will show him how much he means to me.  I really hope it will mean something to him too, to see all the different reasons and shades of my love for him.  Maybe it will even find its way into his sock drawer, where all his other special treasures wind up.

In fact – I think I’ll keep a copy of that list in my own sock drawer, so I can pull it out and remind myself how lucky and blessed I am on those really difficult days. ;)

Honestly, I think this will actually be good for me too, to sit down and reflect on these things each day.  Just writing about him today made me excited for when he runs home for lunch later – it makes me want to run upstairs and fix my hair and put on a little makeup.  If today is any indication, I have a feeling the unexpected result of this challenge will be that I fall a little more in love each day with this guy I married.

What do you think – would you be interested in taking the Love List challenge with me?  I’d be so happy to have you join me!   Do you like this idea?  Please Pin It and share it with others!


  1. Hi!! I just wanted you to know that if you join their text club, the heart bakers pizza is only $5 today! ! Kids Valentine’s dinner is done!!

  2. Just wanted you to know that you were featured in our ULTIMATE Date Idea Round-up today! Thanks for sharing your date ideas! XOXO, The Dating Divas

  3. Just wanted to say Thanks for this! i got my sons 3rd birthday in an album! He was sooo cute this year with all the oooing and ahhing . I thought the aunt and the grandparents would like them! Thanks again

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