Valentine’s Day Food: DIY Whimsical Valentine’s Day Fruit Greetings

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You might be familiar with conversation hearts at Valentine’s Day. Those are the sugary sweet little candy hearts with the fun messages on them such as “Be Mine” or “Call Me.” These sweet little hearts are fun, and quite tasty, but what if you want, or need, to give a Valentine’s Day gift that is on the healthier side of the snack spectrum? If you are looking for a healthy Valentine’s Day gift, why not consider a Valentine’s Fruit greeting instead?

A Valentine’s Day fruit greeting is not only simple to assemble, but it is still full of Valentine’s Day spirit and can be created on a tight budget! All you need is a quick trip to your local grocery store or farmer’s market, plus a few simple supplies you may already have around the house!

Does a Valentine’s Day fruit greeting sound like something you would like to give this season for sweethearts? Then read on and find out how easy it is to assemble your own!

Supply List:

  • apples, bananas, pears, oranges, plums etc
  • Colorful paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • You can also download and print labels here.


  • Assembling your Valentine’s Day greeting is easy! First, wash and dry your fruit well.
  • Cut hearts or another Valentine’s Day themed designs out of your colored paper. You will need six shapes in all.
  • On each shape, you will write one of the following messages:Orange you glad you are my Valentine? (oranges)
    You drive me bananas, Valentine! (bananas)
    You’re the apple of my eye! (apples)
    We make the perfect pear! (pears)
    You are naturally sweet! (plums)
    I love you berry, berry much! (blueberries)

Once you have your messages written out, tie each one to the piece of fruit it matches. You can either attach it with string if you wish, a piece of tape,  or just tuck the card next to the piece of fruit.

As soon as your tags are in place, your greeting is ready to give! These are great gift to place in your work lounge and treat your coworkers, or pack in your child’s lunch.

Take sweet conversation greetings to a whole new level this year. Make your own Valentine’s Day Fruit Greeting instead and really show someone some love!

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