Valentine’s Day Crafts: Sweet Family Fun Countdown Calendar!


Countdown to Valentines Day


Getting children excited about the holidays seems to be pretty simple. And because they are very visual little creatures, some type of countdown clock or calendar seems to really get them jazzed up! Just like you might do a countdown chain at Christmas, why not do a countdown craft for Valentine’s Day? This Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar is fun and inexpensive to make, and it gives kids a chance to keep an eye on and celebrate Valentine’s Day quick arrival!

There are different ways to do this activity. Perhaps your child can do something kind and sweet for someone each day leading up to Valentine’s Day? Perhaps with each day that passes they can name someone in their life who is a good friend or who they love? The point is to not just have a finished product that tells us how many days are left until Valentine’s Day, but puts them in the loving spirit through deeper thought and careful reflection!

If a Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar sounds like something you would enjoy doing with your family, take a peek at how to make your own!


Valentine's Craft


Supply List:

  • Ribbon (Dollar stores sell this for around $1.00)
  • Red construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Wooden clothespins (Dollar stores also sell these in packs of 50 for $1.00)
  • Marker


  • Cut out 13 red paper hearts from your construction paper.
  • Write the numbers on each heart using your marker.
  • Hang a length of ribbon where you want your calendar displayed. A mantel works great as does a taller bookshelf.
  • Using your clothespins, clip each heart in numerical order on the ribbon.

Now, starting with todays date February 2nd, remove the #13 heart. Your child can gift it to someone, write the name of person he or she loves on it, do a kind deed for a friend, etc. to celebrate that day. The options here are endless and the choice is yours. Remove another heart the following day and each day after, repeating the process. You will be able to see the calendar work its way down to day #1, which will be Valentine’s Day!

A simple glance at the calendar will not only tell kiddos how many days it is until Valentine’s Day, but also give them time to think about love, kindness, generosity, and all of the feelings we celebrate during the season. The calendar itself is a beautiful additional to your holiday decor, and is something easy and inexpensive enough to create from year to year!

Start a new tradition this year with your family. Create a Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar and celebrate the approaching holiday of love!


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