Valentine’s Day Crafts: Candy Barrettes and Picture Frames

DIY Valentine's Craft

You might enjoy nibbling on those crunchy and sweet conversation hearts as the Valentine’s Day season rolls around, but have you ever thought about incorporating them into your accessories? Conversations hearts can be purchased for just a dollar a bag at your local dollar store, and they are great for your Valentine’s Day crafts including sweet Valentine’s Day hair barrettes and picture frames!

Little girls love this craft (and even boys too!), and it is easy for them to do with adult supervision. All this Valentine’s Day craft requires is a bag of conversation hearts, a few dollar store supplies,  and a few supplies from around the house. In no time, you can create your own hair barrettes or picture frame perfect for the season of sweethearts!

This is a great Valentine’s Day craft to do if you are in charge of the crafts for your child’s classroom party this year, or if you have a youth group or neighborhood group that is looking for some fun crafts to do. Take a look below to find out more!


DIY Valentine's Day Craft



  • Candy conversation hearts (A one pound bag will do, available at dollar stores.)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (This sort of glue works best, but if you want to avoid the heat hazard, use extra strength craft glue.)
  • Small plain picture frames (Scour thrift stores or visit your dollar store for these. It is ok if they aren’t perfect as you will be covering the frame anyway.)
  • Plain metal hair clips (Dollar stores sell these in packs of two.)


Barrette Instructions:

  • This is such a cinch and the finished product is so cute! First, take your metal barrettes and be sure they are clean so the candy will adhere well.
  • Put a strip of glue along the length of the barrette.
  • Press the candy hearts (word side up) onto the glue strip. Move quickly since the glue dries quickly.
  • Press your finger to the hearts firmly to secure them.
  • Allow to dry for one hour.
  • You can coat these with a clear gloss, epoxy, or sealant if you wish to preserve it longer. Just remind children that these candies used in craft projects should not be eaten.
  • That’s it! Once it is set and dry it is ready to be worn. Just wait for the compliments!


Picture Frame Instructions:

  • Just like you did with your barrettes, make sure your frame is clean so the candy sticks well.
  • Remove the glass so you are just working with the frame itself.
  • Put a strip of glue along the frame, doing one side at a time.
  • Press your candy hearts into place. You will want to do this quickly since it will dry quickly.
  • Press the candy and hold for a few seconds to secure it.
  • Continue this process until the surface of the frame is covered.
  • Like the barrette, you can seal the finished product if you wish or leave it as is.
  • Allow for an hour to dry before putting the glass back in and using the frame.
  • That’s it! This makes a great gift or inexpensive decor item for your home!


So which one will you try? All it takes is a little candy, glue, and time! Kids will love this Valentine’s Day craft, and will no doubt enjoy munching on the candy as they work.
Be sure to set a little bowl aside for that purpose! Happy crafting!



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