Valentine Cards to Print: 4 Fun Classroom Printables!


Did you think we were done prowling Pinterest to find even MORE Valentine Cards to print?  (Visit our Valentine’s Printable Cards Category!)  Come on – are we EVER done prowling Pinterest?  No way – not even close!

Well we’ve rounded up another 5 cuties for you today – and I ‘ve gotta say, I’m starting to get indecisive as to which ones to make…..

Kool-Aid Valentines – these are 6 for $1 at Walmart, so super affordable and perfect to bring to the class party!! DOWNLOAD HERE


Printable Valentine Cootie Catcher!  Do you remember these? I loved these growing up – I totally want to print one of these just for me now :)  Click the image to get the printable template and instructions for folding, etc…



A-MAZE-ING Valentines – so cute! Just add pencils or pens and you’re done! DOWNLOAD HERE


Pre-K Valentines: These cute Valentines are pretty Pre-K themed, mostly – but some sweet designs!  DOWNLOAD HERE


And for the grownups – these Valentine Date Night Conversation Starters will help you have  fun Valentine evening in!  It’s a printable too, so it makes it super easy :)

Check out the other Valentine Printable Cards we’ve featured this month:

And – here are some more printable Valentines we really like:




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