Valentine Candy Bouquets: Cute Last-Minute Gifts!


Valentine’s Day is sooo close – have you ever thought about making your own Valentine candy bouquet as a last-minute gift idea? (See more Valentine’s Day Ideas Here!) Candy bouquets are a beautiful and tasty alternative to the traditional flower bouquet! Not only do they last much longer, not require any watering, and are edible, but they just seem to light up the faces of the lucky recipient who receives one.

A tasty candy bouquet makes a great gift for anniversaries, showers, birthdays and more, and of course, for Valentine’s Day! These are easy to customize to the likes of your recipient, and you can make one that fits right into your budget depending on the types of candy you use to create it. You can make it as big or as little as you choose.

If you have always wanted to give the gift of a candy bouquet this Valentine’s Day, but thought they would be too tricky or expensive, think again! Candy bouquets are a cinch to make and even a beginning can crafter can whip one up. Take a peek at how to make one yourself!

Simple Supply List:

  • Syrofoam ball
  • Mug
  • Plastic grass
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Syrofoam block
  • Dowel sticks
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Candy bars (mini)
If you are not sure where to grab these supplies, your local craft store is a great start and should have everything listed here!


  • Select a mug for your candy bouquet arrangement to go in. You can find whimsical Valentine’s Day themed mugs for just a dollar at your local dollar store!
  • Place a square styrofoam block in the mug. You may need to shave it with a knife to make it fit well.
  • Cover the block in the mug with decorative plastic grass. You may hot glue it in place if you want it secured well.
  • Attach your sticks to your candy bars, either with a drop of hot glue or tape.
  • Press each stick through the grass and into the styrofoam in the mug.
  • Continue this process until the mug is filled with the sticks of candy.
  • Arrange at various heights as you wish.
  • Embellish further as you wish! Use ribbon or other trim to fancy your bouquet up! Add a card if you wish!

Your candy bouquet is now ready to give! Your recipient is sure to love the way it looks and tastes, and will surely think you paid a handsome some for it! Once you have made one, you will find it simpler to make another and pretty soon, you will be cranking these candy bouquets out like it is nothing.

So gather your supplies and make your own Valentine’s Day candy bouquet. They are as fun to create as they are to give!


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