Using This Site: Find Grocery & Drugstore Deals

Afternoon everyone!  I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday – I just wanted to do a quick post about how to find your Grocery, Drustore, & National Chain Store matchups – since that is what you likely come here for the most!  It’s very easy – here’s what you do:

1) Hover over “Store Savings” located in the middle of the Navigation Bar up near the top of the website.

A drop-down menu will appear, with the following items…

~ Grocery, Drustores, Office Supply Stores, & Mall/Retail Stores are all pretty self-explanatory.

~ Money-Saving Monarchs refers to those people who will be helping us find “Extra” deals in their favorite stores!  Monarchs – because we love the butterfly theme around here!

~ Store Policies will help guide you through the coupon laws at each store.  It is a category that will be updated very soon with all the stores we’ve added more recently.

2) Next, Click on the category you want.

- Here, I clicked on “Drugstores, and it took me to this page.  Next, click on the Drugstore you want and it will take you to the deals for CVS, Rite-Aid, or Walgreens!

- If you click on Grocery Stores, you’ll see this page.  Again, just click on the store name to see all the posts we’ve written about it! (Some of these stores are “coming soon”)

Well – that’s all for now, I hope that helped a little bit!  You all have a good afternoon now – I need to go work on your Rite-Aid & Target Highlights now!

- Jamie


  1. katcrown says

    Question- this site previously had a “printer friendly” button for individual entries (like “CVS Highlights This Week”) so you could print the entry without all the sidebar stuff. Does the redesigned website still have this feature? If so, please let me know how to access it- I’m having trouble finding the “printer friendly” button and would love to print stuff for this week’s shopping. Thanks!


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