Use Manilla to Organize your Coupons & Daily Deals!


Use Manilla to Get Organized!

Fall cleaning isn’t just about washing walls, corralling the dust bunnies out from under furniture and doing weird things like dusting the refrigerator coils – it’s also about cleaning up the messy paper trail you’ve probably got spread around your kitchen, minivan, bathroom magazine rack and down in your black hole of a purse.  You know what I’m talking about – right?  All that stuff that’s important but hard to keep up with.

Well let me introduce you to Manilla.  It’s a free online organizer that will help you go paperless (we all know that’s better for the environment anyway) as well as get everything beautifully filed away and tidy.  Wouldn’t that feel awesome?

Oh yeah – Manilla has a Free mobile app for iPhone and Android too!   That means you can easily check out your accounts on the go!

Like I said, it’s a totally free service that helps you out BIG TIME by managing things like:

  • Bank & Credit Card Accounts
  • Bills like Utilities, Dish or Cable, and Phone
  • Subscriptions to Netflix and magazines
  • Loyalty Programs (auto, hotel, airline, etc…)
  • Vouchers bought from Groupon or Living Social

Manilla keeps your info secure under just ONE login (so you don’t have to remember all the other ones from all those other credit card, bill, magazine, & daily deal sites). It presents everything in an organized way. Look at the example below of a typical account.  Doesn’t this just make you feel more sane?

Manilla even sends you friendly reminders when it’s time to pay a bill, renew a subscription – or use a reward before it expires! (I LOVE THAT)

How is it Free?

So how is all this awesomeness free? (I’m naturally suspicious, so I was just wondering and I researched it) Companies are tired of spending all that money on paper bills and statements – and as a result, it’s the companies themselves – from utilities to credit cards to banks – that have pitched in to have this software developed for us.

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*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Manilla. All opinions are 100% my own.

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