Use Certain Zipcodes to Find MORE Printable Coupons!

Many of you have commented on occasion that you can’t find a certain coupon on  Well – I’m here to try and clear that up!

Finding the hottest coupons can be tricky, because companies occasionally target a specific area of the country.  If you don’t live there, you may never see that awesome $1/1 Sargento Cheese coupon!  But if you know a few good zipcodes to type in, you can usually find all the coupons we ever post here on Time2SaveWorkshops.  I try to remember to recommend certain zipcodes, but I sometimes forget :)   So here’s a list of one’s I usually cycle through – give them a try to get any coupons you might have missed out on recently!

- Leave Zipcode Blank (Sometimes this works better than any others!)

- 90210 (My go-to zipcode.  Easy to remember from my days of mooning over Luke Perry – aka: “Dylan McKay”)

Other good ones to try:

- 45435
- 10101
- 20202
- 30303
- 40404
- 50505
- 60606
- 70707

Then again, after all these zipcodes and you still don’t see the coupon you want – it’s VERY LIKELY that it hit the “Print Limit” previously set by the manufacturer!  That’s why it’s always best to print the ones you want RIGHT AWAY – just in case.

Do you have a “Lucky” zipcode you like to use?  Share it with us in the comments!


  1. says

    Hey everyone – one of my favs is 77077. It is a Houston, TX zipcode that has become one of my favorites after spending a week there.

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