Upgrade Your Firefox Browser! (Or else… DunDunDun)


Have you updated your browser lately?  If not – you are more susceptible to viruses, slowwwwwness and yes – COUPON PRINTING PROBLEMS!


I personally use Firefox and I find that it gives me the LEAST problems in printing coupons or viewing special offers/promotions/playing instant win games on Facebook/ – you know, all that good stuff we like to do :)

I often ignore the update because I don’t like change – but in this case, it really won’t change anything but your speed, security and ability to view/print things properly.  All for the better of course.

I also have Google Chrome – which takes up less memory and syncs things up with your gmail account – but I just honestly like the way Firefox works better.    My husband shakes his head every time he walks past me while I’m working – but I care not!!

TIP: It’s good to have Chrome, IE and Safari as well – just ready to use if you need them – because once in awhile there will be a coupon that only prints in one or the other.  It’s not often – but there have been times that everyone in the comment section realized together that this bricks coupon was only printing in Safari or IE – and it was nice to have those to turn to.

What is your personal preference?  Have you updated your browser lately?


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