Unique Hand Crafted Jewelry – $1.00 from each Sale Goes to Anti-Bullying Campaigns!


Jenelle is 11 years old. Together with her mom, she created an Etsy shop with hand made jewelry to help keep her mind off of the bullying she had to deal with in the past.  $1.00 from the sale of each piece of jewelry is donated to anti-bullying organizations.

A very special blogger friend of mine’s eleven year old daughter (yea, I know that’s a mouthful) just opened an Etsy shop and is donating $1 from the sale of each piece of jewelry to anti-bullying campaigns.  Earlier this year, Jenelle was bullied tirelessly at her former school.  At the beginning of this semester she changed schools and has made lots of new friends and is doing well.  From her experience, she wanted to do something to help others and get her mind off what she had dealt with in the past.  So she started hand making unique jewelry, and tonight is the grand opening of her Etsy store, Slap Dash Things.

I ordered a pair myself, and got them in the mail yesterday.  Already, these are my favorite earrings!!  The holes in my ears have stretched over the years so I have to wear earrings that are very light.  I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to wear them, but am happy to say they are perfect!!

handcrafted jewelry

Upcycled Guitar Pick Earrings

Jenelle crafts her earrings from old plastic gift cards, no two pairs are exactly alike. The guitar pick shape makes them look wooden, this pair is called Boho Chic!  I totally felt Boho Chic when I put them on tonight!! For only $6.75 (plus $2.85 shipping) you can order a pair of your own.

For Jenelle’s grand opening use code TIME2SAVE for 10% off any purchase!!




My VERY FAVORITE piece of handcrafted jewelry that Jenelle makes is this faith necklace.  I was so excited when I got mine in the mail today!!  I don’t know about you, but everyday I have to choose to walk in faith.  I love wearing this necklace as a reminder of what I hold close to my heart, my faith. You can find this faith necklace here in Jenelle’s Etsy store for only $8.65.

It sure feels good to support a sweet eleven year old little girl, who is using her experience of being bullied to raise awareness and help others!

Don’t forget to use code TIME2SAVE for 10% off any purchase!!

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