U-Promise: Start Saving for College!

Save for College the Smart Way!

I’ve never bothered to add Upromise Savings to the grocery/drugstore match-ups – Mostly because I hadn’t bothered to sign up for Upromise myself, or find out what it was all about. Well, that’s about to change!

I finally signed up for Upromise, and I’ll be adding the matchups to the grocery/drugstore lists from now on (I mean, check out that Bounty deal at Kroger!).  I also spent time learning what it is, and I’m pumped to get started!

  • Register any & all store loyalty cards, debit & credit cards with Upromise.  You don’t HAVE to register credit/debit cards if you are wary about that, but they do allow you to earn $$$ just paying for gas, making online purchases, or anything that doesn’t involve a loyalty card.
  • When you shop in the stores or online, you will receive Upromise cashback for select items.  (For instance, Magazines.com gives 30% Back when you use a Upromise-registered card to pay!)
  • Get your friends and family members to register their cards with your account, too – without doing anything at all, they’ll be helping to contribute to your kids education!

The money you accrue can be used in 2 ways:

 ❥  Sent in a check to help pay off your own student loans
 ❥  Deposited into a 529 Education Savings Account for the future

I’ve heard some people say they’ve only earned $35 over 4 years, and some people say they’ve earned $2,000 in the same time.  It all depends on how many people are helping you save,and how closely you watch for savings opportunities.

Honestly though (and I speak from laziness here), even if you just shopped EXACTLY how you do now, you’d still have some money down the road you didn’t have before!  Go HERE to register your cards with U-Promise and find out more.

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