Treater: FREE Cookie & Latte for a Friend, $1 Ice Cream Treat!!



Today only – join Treater and send a friend $6 Ice Cream Treat for only $1!!  I can’t say where this is for – but let’s just say, it’s a good bet you’re already a big fan of their “creamy” goodness  ;)   Treater is free to join, and just a fun way to send someone a treat whenever you want via their Facebook, Smartphone or Email.

The BEST thing is…. Treater often offers freebies to their members – and membership is totally free.  For instance, this morning a friend sent me a Valentine “treat” of a  cookie & latte at a local restaurant for FREE!  ($7.50 Value).  It cost them nothing at all -  this was their receipt: treater-logo treater-panera


You won’t be charged a penny, unless you choose to send a treat that actually costs money  :)  Did your sister have a hard day?  Send her an ice cream!  Did your teenage son pass his driving test?  Send him a bacon cheeseburger!

You get the point….  you can “Treat” someone for anything, at anytime.  It’s as easy as accessing your social networks online or on your smartphone. Each “Treat” is an electronic, one-time use payment card that is delivered via Facebook post, email or text to your smartphone.

Don’t wait – send a friend this offer for Valentine’s Day and start getting little free surprises too!

Join Treater Today!

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